ESFP Gift Ideas: Gifts that ESFPs Like To Have

Are you looking for the perfect gift for an ESFP (Extroverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving) in your life? Whether you’re trying to get a birthday, anniversary, or just-because present, this list of gifts has something special that will make any ESFP feel appreciated and valued.

From fun outdoor activities to thoughtful personalized items, find the best gifts suited to intrigue and excite any person born with an Extroverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving personality type. Read on to get plenty of creative ideas flowing!

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ESFP’s put the spunk in everyday living. They’ll appreciate the opportunity to try something exciting and new.

Gifts for ESFP Man

Gifts ESFP man Love to have

The best gifts for ESFP man are the ones that let them know you’ve been paying attention. They can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like. Anything you get them would make their day but why not get the best, So here are a few unique gifts he will surely love.

Gifts for ESFP man
Gifts for ESFP man

1. Reusable Academic Daily Planner

Why we like it: the Rocketbook Panda Planner is erasable and reusable so you never need to waste paper ever again.

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2. Destinations of a Lifetime

Why we like it: Travel to hundreds of the most breathtaking locales—both natural and man-made—illustrated with vivid images taken by the organization’s world-class photographers.
Why we recommend it: These images, coupled with evocative text, feature a plethora of visual wonders: ancient monoliths, scenic islands, stunning artwork, electric cityscapes, white-sand seashores, rain forests, ancient cobbled streets, and both classic and innovative architecture. 

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3. Light Up Glove Set Finger Glow Gloves

Why we like it: Create brilliant light shows with these LED gloves. This light-up glove set is perfect for music festivals, costumes, clubs, parties, raves, dance performances, or holiday gifts.
Why we recommend it: Combine 3 pre-programmed LED light modes and 20 stunning colors for beautiful light trails. Easily customize your modes with the click of a button.

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4. Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree – Live Indoor Plant

Why we like it: The Majesty Palm’s lush, dark green foliage works well with most color schemes, and the palm’s classic texture allows it to naturally fit in most home decor styles.
Why we recommend it: Grows best near an East or West window. Water when the top couple inches of the soil is dry.

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5. Brickell Men’s Daily Advanced Face Care Routine 

Why we like it: This men’s skin care set contains the three best skincare products for men to gently cleanse the face, remove dead skin & impurities, while nourishing, protecting, and hydrating it.
Why we recommend it: Men of any age with dry, sensitive, or normal skin types.

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6. Tattooed Mermaid Rocker Flask

Why we like it: She’s beautiful and a bit dangerous; the ruin of many a sailor.
Why we recommend it: This mermaid flask ‘s cute design is sure to turn heads. Cheers to style!

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7. Computer Desk 47″ Study Writing Table for Home Office

Why we like it: The board texture along with dark metal legs give this computer desk an industrial charm appearance.
Why we recommend it: Finish the assembly within 10 minutes following the clear installation manual. Accessories and tools are well organized and packaged for quickly choosing.

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8. Double Camping Hammock

Why we like it: This double hammock fits 2 people comfortably, Lay down with your friend or loved one and still have plenty of room.
Why we recommend it: A great gift for traveling, camping, backpacking, or just hanging and relaxing in the patio.

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9.  Pure Badger Shaving Brush –Premium Handmade

Promising review: After having used this brush for about a year now, it still holds up as it did when it was new.
I went from a rougher brush to this softer one, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I get a great lather every time, and it looks great, to boot. – ax2014

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10. Posture Corrector For Men

Why we like it: Posture Corrector ensures alignment and stability. Wearing our back straightener for some time develops muscle memory which means you’ll keep and hold back straight even without the posture corrector device. 

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11. Laser Tag Guns with Vests Set

Why we like it: Turn your home or backyard into a laser tag arena with the ArmoGear laser tag blaster set, the most advanced set of laser tag blasters out there! 
Why we recommend it: Have a blast and create cherished memories on holidays, snow days, or birthday parties, with a fun family laser tag tournament!

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12. Sandalwood Skincare Shaving and Bath Gift Basket Set

Why we like it: Premium zipper and reinforced seams are also implemented for long-lasting performance under demanding use. 
Why we recommend it: This heart-warming option has been included to allow you to share your custom created message with your gift recipient.

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13. Back Neck Shoulder Massager with Heat

Why we like it: This shoulder massager comes with 4 big nodes and 4 small nodes and 3D rotation kneading massage rollers in ergonomic U-design, which provide deep tissue massages.
Why we recommend it: It works miracles all over your body from head to toe! Perfect for office, vehicle and home. 

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14. Complete Grill Accessories Kit with Cooler Bag

Why we like it: The Very Best Grill Gift on Birthday Wedding – Professional BBQ Accessories Set with Case for Outdoor Camping Grilling Smoking.
Why we recommend it: This deluxe grill toolset with the case can be absolutely made for gift presentation for family and friends on Birthday, Wedding, Saint Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mothers Day, Christmas Day.

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15. Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set in Gift Box

Promising review: Extremely Happy! There Beautiful and Cut Wonderful! Great Quality Comes in a nice box too! Very Impressed! – Tonya

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16. Don’t Touch Useless Box Leave Me Alone Machine

Why we like it: The randomized reaction of the tiger keeps people interested. They can’t wait to see what the tiger does next! 
Why we recommend it:
you can sense the quality of this box from the inside out. It is more strong and durable. It is a perfect fit for those who like desk toys and cool gadget gifts.

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17. Men’s Wallets slim Front Pocket 

Why we like it: The slim wallet is ideal for carrying business cards, credit and debit cards, bills, etc. The outside notch allows you to push out the cards easily.
Why we recommend it: The metal money clip allows you to clip several bills inside your wallet.

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18. Magnetic Wristband 

Why we like it: No more headaches from losing or dropping small items while working.
Why we recommend it: If for any reason you are not satisfied, you have a full year to return the item, no questions asked.

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19. Player Ten The Voting Game

Why we like it: The Voting Game is a party game that uncovers the hilarious truth behind your friendships.
Why we recommend it: Get to know each other – Personal stories are often shared after a revealing vote.

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20.  Funny Black Aprons for Men

Why we like it: An apron is a perfect cooking gift for the cook who is up to feeding a crowd when it comes to cooking.
Why we recommend it: Our funny apron covers the entire front to keep grease and water from getting on your clothes, so you won’t get dirty or messy. 

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21. Woven Basket Laundry Hamper Modern

Why we like it: Our heavy-duty Laundry Hamper Basket is specially designed to maximize portability so you never have to worry about it coming off. 
Why we recommend it: Larger than any other basket, it can easily hold your family’s week’s clothes and keep your home clean and tidy. Large Xtra x-large is large.

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22. Dr. Cool Worlds Best Geode Kit

Why we recommend it: Geodes are natural wonders. These hollow rocks have beautiful crystals and minerals inside.  Experience 5 different types of geodes and compare a wide variety of crystal formations.
Join the millions of parents who have chosen our award-winning science toys and experience the Discover with Dr. Cool difference!

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23. FreshJax Smoked Spices Gift Set

Why we like it: Friends, family, clients, and coworkers will absolutely love receiving a gift they can actually use! 
Why we recommend it: This 5-pack gift set of gourmet spice blends makes the ultimate gift for any birthday, Valentine’s, Christmas, Father’s Day, housewarming, or even a party favor!

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24. Glass Bottle Cutter Kit

Why we like it: adjustable to cut near the bottom of the bottle up to the start of the bottleneck. Cuts thick and thin bottles.
Why we recommend it: Cuts skinny beer bottles, regular wine bottles, and large wine jugs by adjusting the cutter blade.

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25. Beef Jerky Snack Pack

Why we like it: jerky Infused with Top Quality Craft Beer. Marinated for up to 48 hours in beer. Jerky taste but with more Flavor!
Why we recommend it: Handmade Small Batch Beef Jerky – Made with 100% sliced beef.

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Gifts for ESFP Woman

Gifts ESFP woman Love to have

Cool and unique gifts for ESFP woman can be hard to come by. Gifts should not be hard to find, but it is. So why not get her a gift from our curated selection of awesome gifts for her?
Our latest collection of unique gifts for her will leave her remembering this special day for years to come.

Gifts for ESFP woman
Gifts for ESFP woman

26. The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science

Promising review: I found this book quite interesting. It has a great amount of knowledge and experience spread throughout its pages.

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27. Marbling Blue Kitchen Knife Set Block

Why we like it: The knife set surface titanium coating is resistant to corrosion and scratch.
Why we recommend it: There will be no problems such as dye falling off, food safety, and aesthetic problems caused by scratching on the knife’s surface.

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28. Women: The National Geographic Image Collection

Why we like it: This powerful photography collection, drawn from the celebrated National Geographic archive, reveals the lives of women from around the globe, accompanied by revelatory new interviews and portraits of contemporary trailblazers including Oprah Winfrey, Jane Goodall, and Christiane Amanpour.

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29. Elegant Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies Gift Box

Why we like it: Twenty chocolate-covered sandwich cookies, in a selection of our five most popular flavors.
Why we recommend it: Perfect gift to say Thank You, send your condolences/sympathy, or for that special occasion or loved one.

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30. White Diamond Tennis Bracelet Jewelry

Why we like it: Showcase your sophistication with our Natural Blue Sapphire and White Natural Diamonds 925 Sterling Silver Adjustable bracelet.
Why we recommend it: this bracelet is a modern take on classic style making it perfect for all occasions and gift-giving.

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31. Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest Under Desk

Why we like it: Unlike other under desk footrests that are half-moon shaped, our signature “teardrop” structure and orthopedic design place your feet and legs in a more comfortable and ergonomically correct position.

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32. Women’s Pajama Sets

Why we like it: The most luxurious sweats ever, this decadent sweatshirt pajama set features stylish ivory and blue houndstooth COWL NECK TOP AND MATCHING PANTS.
Why we recommend it: Trendy sweatpants in the same stylish print feature a slim, straight leg and an ELASTIC DRAWSTRING WAIST so you can customize the fit.

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33. Plant Theatre Psychedelic Salad Kit

Why we like it: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO START GROWING your colorful and unusual salad vegetables in one box, we’ve left nothing out! Ideal for beginners, gardeners, and children alike. 
Why we recommend it: this seed kit makes a GREAT GROWING EXPERIENCE for young and old, beginners or old green fingers! Get growing today.

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34. Chala Crossbody Cell Phone Purse

Why we like it: Crossbody phone purse design with superior soft PU leather textured, which is durable and nice.
Why we recommend it: Beautiful Lining Material to avoid friction to the phone and causing any damage.

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35. The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small 

Why we recommend it: With 1,000 adventures for all ages, it’s never too soon or too late to begin the things you’ve only dreamed of doing.

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36. Oversized Hoodie Blanket Sweatshirt

Why we like it: keep you warm and comfortable in the chilly night while you are camping, enjoying an outdoor concert, lounging around the house, reading a book, watching TV, on the computer, at sporting events,post-game, take it anywhere you want.
Why we recommend it: Super warm and comfy.Machine Washable.

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37. Modern Planter and Plant Stand Set – Snake Plant

Why we like it: The Snake Plant features stiff, upright, sword-like leaves banded or edged in gray, silver, or gold.
Why we recommend it: Grows best near a sunny window, and can tolerate low light. Water when the top couple of inches of the soil is dry.

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38. Natural Gemstones Pendant Necklace with Gift Box

Why we like it: The Tree of Life with its seeds, branches, and roots reflects the family tree.
Why we recommend it: Whether you are thinking of starting a family or already have one, the Tree of Life carries great significance for you.

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39. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers 

Why we like it: Distortion-free at maximum volume; room-filling sound, perfect for home, dorm room, kitchen, bathroom, car, and parties.
Why we recommend it: IPX5 rating speaker can resist gentle water spray & splash but cannot be partially or fully submerged.

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40. Candle Making Kit Supplies

Why we like it: Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this DIY kit makes it easy for boys and girls to fill the space with the heavenly scent and glow of homemade candles! 
Why we recommend it: Unlike other candle-making sets, this kit contains enough tools to create 4 unique candles in different colors and scents 

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41. UGG Women’s Wrin Slipper

Promising review: So comfortable! They fit true to size, I think some people thought they fit small because of the impact of the wool. I love that they have a hard soles, but only time will tell how they wear. – Laura Sanchez

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42. LORAC PRO Contour Palette & Contour Brush

Why we like it: Known for effortless, red-carpet style and skin-friendly ingredients, LORAC quickly became a favorite indie beauty brand of PRO artists and A-list celebrities alike.

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43. Light Reactive Bright Neon Colors Set

Promising review: No complaints. I used it with an airbrush machine and worked perfectly. I mixed the paint with thinner that way if flowed nicely thru the gun and it kept the same glow. – Bianca C.

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44. Bangle Watch and Bracelet Set

Why we like it: The Set includes two jewelry-clasp closure bangles: one in rose gold-tone with 6 clear Swarovski crystals and one in a two-tone “x” shape.
Why we recommend it: Scratch-resistant mineral crystal and Japanese quartz movement

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45.  Electric Kettle – Pistachio

Why we like it: The KitchenAid Electric Kettle is simple to use and offers a stylish compact footprint for your countertop.
Why we recommend it: The Kettle is built for speed, and quietly boils water in minutes. Single-wall stainless steel design has a removable lid for easy filling, an aluminum handle, a rotating base, plus a removable lime scale filter in the pouring spout.

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46. Home Spa Gift Basket

Why we like it: Pamper your body with a luxurious at-home spa treatment! Beautifully packaged in a gorgeous COSMETIC BAG with a HANDLE that can store all your beauty supplies.
Why we recommend it: Find the way to your woman’s heart & delight her with something truly special when presenting this gift of sheer indulgence!

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47. Garden Tool Set

Why we like it: This garden tool set contains 12 pieces of High-quality gardening tools. Gardening pruner blades are made of high-carbon SK-5 Steel. Compared with aluminum-made blades, It is more tougher, sharper, and durable. 
Why we recommend it: All the tools included in the garden kits with a user-friendly hanging hole – a hole at the top of each handle for clutter-free storage.

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48. Sewing Machine, Lightweight

Why we like it: 27 built-in stitches including decorative, blind hem, zigzag, and stretch stitches, and an auto-size buttonhole.
Why we recommend it: This free-arm sewing machine is perfect for a wide range of everyday sewing projects, and users from beginners to advanced.

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49. Solid Wood Spa Laundry Hamper

Why we like it: Conceal your dirty laundry in fashion and decorate your bed and bath space with the uniquely designed Oceanstar Solid Wood Spa Laundry Hamper.
Why we recommend it: The elegant hamper accessorizes any room and offers plenty of space for your laundry.

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50. Tea Cup Coffee Mug Glasses

Why we like it: Have you seen a more beautiful glass coffee mug? Trust us, the pictures don’t do it justice!
Why we recommend it: Wind Life presents you with the Flower Teacup, a dreamy enamel mug with butterfly and rose flower designs on it. 

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ESFP Hobbies and Interests

Popular hobbies for ESFPs include socializing, team sports, home improvement projects, cooking, entertaining, games, and dance.

What to look for when buying gifts for an ESFP Personality type?

A good gift for an ESFP will be something that engages their senses and appeals to their inner desire to be authentic and alive. For ESFPs, look for gifts that are fun and festive, such as tickets to a party or a voucher for a day of pampering.

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