INFJ Gift Ideas: Gifts that INFJs Like To Have

As an INFJ personality type, you’re creative and unique – sometimes even seen as a little mysterious. You have a deep understanding of the world around you and often seek meaning in your relationships with others.

That’s why it can be challenging to find that perfect gift; one that reflects your values and appreciation for engaging conversation, thoughtfulness, meaningful experiences, and thoughtful gifts.

Whether you need something for yourself or someone special in your life, we’ve put together this list of the best gifts for INFJ personalities – all designed specifically with some thoughtful care to capture the essence of INFJ traits!

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INFJs enjoy gifts that are radically practical yet intimately personal. 

Gifts for INFJ Man

Gifts INFJ man Love to have

Even if you know INFJ Man really well, your mind can go blank when thinking of unusual gifts for INFJ man to buy which will make them feel special. 

We have cut the trouble by compiling this list, you will find something for INFJ man in your life that he will love to receive as a gift.

Gifts for INFJ man
Gifts for INFJ man

1. Introverts Unite Sarcastic Nerd Loner Men’s T-Shirt 

Why we like it: If you’re an introvert, you know that being around people can be overwhelming and zaps your energy. Extroverts just don’t get it.
Why we recommend it: We introverts have to stick together…alone in separate houses. The psychology is undeniable. Introverts unite!

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2. Bubble Machine Dinosaur

Why we like it: Wistoyz dino bubble machine is not only a bubble machine but also a dinosaur toy. It will blow out hundreds of bubbles when you fill it up with bubble water. 
Why we recommend it: No more spilling and leaking bubble water everywhere.

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3. California White Sage Smudge Sticks

Promising review: The white sage is an excellent product and very useful for smudging away all the negative energy in my home. – Lois Lane

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4. Astro Reflector Telescope

Why we like it: A great compact grab-and-go telescope designed for entry-level and intermediate astronomy enthusiasts.
Why we recommend it: Ships pre-assembled so you can go from the box to your backyard in minutes.

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5. Tea Sampler – Flower Tea – Decaffeinated 

Why we like it: Premium Loose Leaf Tea Included – Decaffeinated – Red Rose – RoseHips – Marigold / Calendula Flower – Mint – Chrysanthemum – Chamomile – Hibiscus – Saffron – Jasmine – Lavender – Linden Flower
Why we recommend it: Great Variety Contains For Everyone To Share – Enjoy

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6. The Highly Sensitive Person

Why we like it: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You
Why we recommend it: the original ground-breaking book on high sensitivity with over 500,000 copies sold.

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7. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, RGB Backlit

20 Programmable Buttons
Why we like it: Built for comfort: Sculpted shape and tuned buttons reduce click fatigue during marathon multiplayer sessions.
Why we recommend it: Set it up to your way with customizable thumb panel lighting colors, DPI levels, or button assignments; Do not use a USB hub.

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8. Scrabble Game

Why we like it: Classic Scrabble game has the letter tiles and game guide for a wordy showdown
Why we recommend it: Includes 1 game board, 100 wooden letter tiles, 4 tile racks, 1 drawstring letter bag, and game guide

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9.  Knock Knock Self-Therapy Checklist Note Pad

Why we like it: With the aid of this self-therapy checklist, you can self-help yourself without the self-helpy-ness
Why we recommend it: The perfect gift for friends and family who aren’t perfect.

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10. Derren Brown Tricks Of Mind 2

Promising review: I live in the U.S.A. and it was not made clear it would not work for my DVD player. BUT it plays just fine on my computer so I am very happy with the product and content of the product.-Killraven

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11. Clay in Motion Handwarmer Mug

Why we like it: Ergonomically designed with a pocket for your fingers and a cozy, wrap-around fit that warms the hand from your hot beverage
Why we recommend it: The Mug is handmade with the highest grade of clay and hand-decorated producing a smooth texture.

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12. Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Why we like it: Up to 6 plants grow at a time, up to 12 inches Tall with this indoor garden; Grows in water with no soil, no mess, Made simple
Why we recommend it:  Grow fresh herbs & veggies all Year Round in this indoor herb garden. Always fresh, always local, always in season.

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13. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Why we like it: Meditation Sound Bowl Handcrafted in Nepal for Healing and Mindfulness
Why we recommend it: This bowl set is compact and can easily travel with you everywhere. Bring to yoga classes, the office, or retreats.

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14. LED Desk Lamp

Why we like it: Built-in flicker-free LED and covered by diffused shade, this lamp provides even, non-glare light, which is soft on your eyes and avoids eye fatigue caused by flickering light and harsh glare.
Why we recommend it: Slim Sleek Design & Space Saver. Takes up little space, and fits nicely on any desk, workbench, sewing table, bedside nightstand, nail station, etc.

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15. Popcornopolis Gourmet Popcorn 2 Gallon Tin

Why we like it: This bountiful gift tin includes about 14 cups each of Caramel Corn, Kettle Corn, and Cheddar Cheese Popcorn. About 42 cups. 
Why we recommend it: Each 2-gallon gift tin is finished with the iconic Popcornopolis logo and signature stripes motif, a great-looking table topper that makes a bold impression.

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16. Dragon Age Inquisition – Game of the Year Edition

Why we like it: including all story and gameplay content ever released. Explore the epic adventure that has been awarded over 130 Game of the Year awards.
Why we recommend it: Take your place as the inquisitor and lead a team of heroes to save Thedas from the brink of chaos.

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17. Wood and Linen Fabric Bluetooth Record Player

Why we like it: Beautifully crafted from real wood and woven linen fabric.
Why we recommend it: Built-in Bluetooth wirelessly streams your favorite music from across the room. Up to 33 feet of range.

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18. Uno Ultimate + Ethernet Starter Kit

72-page full-color Instruction Manual
Why we like it: This is the ulitamate+ Vilros Uno kit enough to get you started with hundreds of Arduino projects.
Why we recommend it: Includes a total of over 190 electronic parts and components.

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19. Rebar Multitool

Why we like it: 17 TOOLS IN 1: The Rebar’s bounty of tools includes knives, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, an electrical crimper, a wire stripper, a bottle and can openers, a file, a saw, an awl, a ruler
Why we recommend it: Compact, lightweight, and made for just about any job around the house or job site

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Why we like it: Deep, immersive sound, improved EQ best-in-class performance for wireless headphones. Connectivity Technology: Wired/Wireless
Why we recommend it: Up to 15 hours of playtime with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery

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21. Athletics Men’s Joggers

Why we like it: Engineered to look and feel great on you during your workout or daily routine.
Tailored to fit the contours of your body’s shape.

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22. SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine

Why we like it: Real Fan Inside for Non-Looping White Noise Sounds – App-Based Remote Control, Sleep Timer, and Night Light – Charcoal
Why we recommend it: Travel-friendly, portable design

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23. ABC of Men’s Fashion

Why we like it: A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them.

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24. Men’s Minimalist Vintage Watch 

Why we like it: This watch is both stylish and durable, with weatherproofing up to 3 ATM/30 Meters.
Why we recommend it: the watch is suitable for carefree daily use, but it should not be submerged in water.

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25. Weighted Blanket 

Why we like it: Use This Weighted Blanket on Its Own Or With a Duvet Cover; Great Gift for Every Age. 
Why we recommend it: Our unique 7-layer structure is designed to keep you comfortable and cool, allowing the glass beads to provide temperature control

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Gifts for INFJ Woman

Gifts INFJ woman Love to have

It’s hard to choose gifts for INFJ Woman, isn’t it? with our list of gifts not anymore. These gift ideas for INFJ women contain a whole selection of items, all geared around that one thing she truly likes.

Unique, thoughtful plus cool gifts.

Gifts for INFJ woman
Gifts for INFJ woman

26. Study LED Desk Lamp

Why we like it: with USB Charging Port, Screen, Calendar, Color Night Light, Kids Dimmable LED Table Lamp with Pen Holder, Clock, and Desk Reading Light for Students.
Why we recommend it: Best gift for children: Large capacity pencil holder can also help you to place something, a dimmable reading lamp with 3-Levels of brightness, suitable for students to use as an LED desk reading light.

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27. Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor

Why we like it: Grow Fresh Herbs and Vegetables Indoors: energy-efficient LED grow lights ensure your plants thrive no matter the weather.
Why we recommend it: Grow Anything and Everything: Try the seedless plant pods and give your indoor garden kit the power to grow whatever you like. 

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28. Humidifiers for Bedroom

Why we like it: This ultrasonic cool mist humidifier for the bedroom, as well as an essential oil diffuser, comes with a top-fill reservoir, easy to refill and clean with all parts including the lid cover detachable to keep hygiene and safe.
Why we recommend it: The ultrasonic cool mist humidifier auto shuts off at a low water level to prevent dry run; protective nano-coating on the internal structure keeps it from dust and rust for a longer service time.

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29. It’s Way Too Peopley Outside Letter T-Shirt Introvert Tee

Why we like it: It is easy to match with your shorts jeans or skirts, Makes A Great Gift For Your Mom, Sister, Daughter, Aunt, or Best Friend.

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30. Pokémon Gengar Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

Why we like it: This super-soft plush figure is great to take wherever you go!
Why we recommend it: Makes a great gift for fans of Pokemon – Your favorite Pokémon character is waiting for you!

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31. Antique Book Design Wood Bathroom Facial Tissue Dispenser Box

Why we like it: Ideal for tissue dispensing in any room, is equally perfect for your bedroom and your bathroom.
Why we recommend it: Top opens smoothly for convenient and easy removing or addition of tissues to the box cover.

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32. Falling in Art Acrylic Painting Set

Why we like it: Easel Box: built-in storage drawer with 3 compartments that can organize your common tools
Why we recommend it: Paint Brushes: blue wood handle and nylon hair are firmly connected with aluminum ferrule

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33. Cosmology Journal

Why we like it: Extra-light lines guide your writing, yet allow for drawing and sketching as well.
Why we recommend it: Gorgeous cover design brings a historical work of art to your bookshelf.

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34. Clay in Motion Medium Mug

Why we like it: Handcrafted traditional American pottery and decorated by hand a one-of-a-kind piece that not only looks great, it stands up to everyday life as well.
Why we recommend it: Enjoy a cup of coffee or hot cider and relax!

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35. Bathtub Caddy Tray

Why we like it: Pure bamboo bath tray in elegant design with natural fragrance helps to relax completely.
Why we recommend it: Made of eco-friendly renewable Moso bamboo, varnished surface for better water resistance.

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36. Empath and The Highly Sensitive: 2 Books in 1

Promising review: A must-read for empaths. Recently learning that I am an empath I found this book to be of great service giving empaths guidance and tools that are simple and easy to practice. Thank you so much!!! Great job.

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37. The Food Lab

Promising review: The one book you must have, no matter what you’re planning to cook or where your skill level falls.
Why we like it: Better Home Cooking Through Science
Why we recommend it:

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38. Record Storage Crate

Why we like it: Amplify Your Style. Expression is a part of everything we do, not bound by time or age. From art to clothing to spaces, even the things we share on the internet are all part of our worldview.
Why we recommend it: Colorful and fun, sleek and modern, funky and eclectic: there’s a Crosley for everyone.

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39. Words are Powerful Bangle Bracelet

Promising review: Love these bracelets, they fit well and look great and they support good causes.

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40. Designer Stitch Happy Knitting Starter Kit

Why we like it: 20 Piece Knitting Kit for Beginners & 7 Pocket Yarn Bag, Signature Yarn Storage – Gray
Why we recommend it: A designer knitting bag is everything you’ve come to expect from Stitch Happy in quality knitting supplies. 

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41. Women’s Fiona Large Crossbody Purse Handbag

Why we like it: This poised style makes a fierce look on a busy day possible, with the Fiona Large Crossbody Bag.
Why we recommend it: Detachable, adjustable crossbody strap. Exterior front zip pocket. Exterior slip pockets. Signature logo embossed detail in back. 

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42. Lighted Tip Pen- LED Penlight

Why we like it: Write Day Light or Night with a Lighted Pen. Perfect for writing at night or in low light. 
Why we recommend it: LED lights are bright enough to see what you are writing without ruining your night vision.

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43. Leather Skipping Jumping Rope

Why we like it: Leather Skipping Jumping Ropes, with 360-degree Bearing and Pure Wood Handles, for Gym and home Fitness Workouts
Why we recommend it: The handle of the jump rope is made of high-quality pure wood and adopts an ergonomic design, which makes it no-slip and provides you with the most original perfect hand feeling.

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44. Earnda Women’s Faux Leather Belts

Why we like it: Environmentally friendly leather belt for all kinds of dresses, jeans, and pants for women and girls.
Why we recommend it: Two pieces of belts in a gift box are suitable for your mom, sister, spouse, girlfriend, or colleague.

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45. Sony WH1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Why we like it: Alexa-enabled voice access to music, information, and more. Activate with a simple touch.
Why we recommend it: Control music tracks and volume, activate your voice assistant, and take phone calls.

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46. Michael Kors Parker Stainless Steel Watch 

Why we like it: Rose gold-tone stainless steel bracelet watch with pave dial featuring bold logo.
Why we recommend it: In general, suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not scuba diving.

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47. Diva Watering Can, White

Promising review: This was a present to myself as I had been longing for it for quite a while. It is an expensive watering can, but it is just beautiful and it makes me smile.

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48. Room Darkening Blackout Window Panel Curtains

Why we like it: Blackout curtain blocks out sunlight and harmful UV rays, reduces outside noise and ensures total privacy
Why we recommend it: Creates an energy-saving insulating barrier against heat and cold, keeping the room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter

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49. Glerups Unisex Slipper

Why we like it: These shoes consist of felt made with 100% pure natural wool, a staple of the Glerups brand.
Why we recommend it: Kick back and keep warm with all-natural wool with the Glerups Model A.

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50. Bamboo Weighted Blanket Adult

Why we like it: The WONAP weighted blanket is made of 100% breathable Natural Bamboo fabric. The inner part of the blanket includes ultra-soft cotton compartments. 
Why we recommend it: the beads do not make noise and let you sleep more comfortably.

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INFJ Hobbies and Interests

Popular hobbies for the INFJ include writing, art appreciation, cultural events, reading, socializing in small, intimate settings, and playing or listening to music.

What to look for when buying gifts for an INFJ Personality type?

INFJ appreciates gifts that are thoughtful, bohemian, and sensory. For INFJs, look for gifts that are intimate and thoughtful, such as tickets to a show or concert.

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