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We have compiled a list of 50 best gifts for INTJ Personality type. These are the best gifts for different occasions for INTJs: They are going to love it, guaranteed.

INTJs are all about practical gifts, and gifts that are based on their interests, obsessions, and hobbies.

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What to look for when buying gifts for an INTJ Personality type?

-For INTJs, look for gifts that are analytical and insightful, such as a new gadget or piece of technology.

INTJ Gift Guide: Gifts for INTJ Like To Have

  • – A book on a topic they’re interested in
  • – A new gadget or piece of technology
  • – A subscription to an online service like Netflix
  • – A gift certificate to their favorite restaurant
  • – Tickets to a show or concert

INTJs enjoy items that are ruthlessly efficient and tirelessly practical.

Gifts for INTJ Man

Gifts INTJ man Love to have

When it comes to looking for the perfect gifts for INTJ man in your life, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Whether your INTJ man is your husband, boyfriend, father, or any other man in your life, these are the best gifts for him that he’ll love to have.

Gifts for INTJ man
Gifts for INTJ man

1. LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Millennium Falcon

Promising review: Fantastic! I kept my husband entertained during the quarantine. Took about 5 hours, but it’s intricate inside and out. Definitely happy! – puppett13
Why we like it: the Millennium Falcon! This model starship building set is a perfect addition to any Star Wars collection.
Why we recommend it: Inspire youngsters and adults with this 75257 LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon model set. 

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2. Umbra Wobble Chess Set

Why we like it: Wobble chess set has a concave landscape which causes the chess pieces to wiggle and helps them stay in place when the board is moved
Why we recommend it: A fantastic gift for anyone who loves playing chess or wants to display their set as a decorative accessory for their home

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3. Harman Kardon Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 Speaker System

Promising review: I loved these speakers. The design is so amazing. The Bluetooth connection is very good. It’s a must buy. A perfect piece for the man cave!!!!!

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4. Vector Robot by Anki

Why we like it: A Home Robot Who Hangs Out & Helps Out, With Amazon Alexa Built-In
Why we recommend it: Vector can independently navigate and self-charge. He recognizes people and avoids obstacles.

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5. True Wireless Earbuds 

Why we like it:  Adopt the advanced Bluetooth 5. 0 technology. TOZO T6 supports HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, which greatly improve the transmission speed and providing you with a low-latency listening experience.

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6. CHEESE LOG Board and Knife Set

Why we like it: It is great for outdoorsy people and makes an easy and exciting “guy gift”.

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7. Molecular Model Kit with Molecule Modeling Software

Why we like it: Organic, Inorganic Chemistry Set for Building Molecules
Why we recommend it:
Explore chemistry and physics concepts. Visualize the atomic structure with atoms, bonds, orbitals, and links.

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8. Coffee Warmer & Mug Set

Why we like it: Keeps your hot drink at the exact temperature you prefer.
Why we recommend it: Both the warmer and the mug are high-quality manufactured. The warmer is composed of Anti-flame ABS plastic frame and an alloyed heating plate, this ensures the best thermal conduct and safety.

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9. Sphero BOLT: App-Enabled Robot Ball 

Why we like it: Sphero BOLT is a programmable robot ball that you can drive and code, providing endless opportunities to be creative and have fun while learning.
Why we recommend it: Advanced yet approachable, you can learn programming, complete hands-on activities, and share your creations with the community.

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10. HomeLights Scented Candles | Natural Soy

Why we like it: Sandalwood & Jasmine. Embellished by precious sandalwood & cedar,the fragrance is sensuously mixed with spices, jasmine sambac, and orange blossom to recall a natural pleasure. 
Why we recommend it: Home Lights uses top-quality 100% soy wax, the product is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

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11. Jigsaw Puzzle

Why we like it: This 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle features Cinque Terre on the stunning Italian coastline. 

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12. Home Office Lap Desk

Why we like it: with Device Ledge, Mouse Pad, and Phone Holder – Silver Carbon – Fits Up to 15.6 Inch Laptops
Why we recommend it: Comfort: Innovative, dual-bolster cushion conforms to your lap, keeping you cool and comfortable.

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13. Targus Legend IQ Backpack

Why we like it: The Targus Legend IQ Backpack is perfect for the on-the-go techie. It’s durable and has plenty of multi-purpose pockets, including a large padded pocket for a laptop up to 15.6” and a separate section for your tablet. 
Why we recommend it: There’s also a media pocket with a built-in cord and headphone jack so you can keep the tunes going while you walk.

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14. Hydrobot Arm Kit

Why we like it: The HydroBot Arm Kit lever allows builders to move, grip, and even a suction cup of different objects!
Why we recommend it: Powered by water, the Hydrobot Arm’s are controlled with hydraulic plungers.

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15. KeySmart Pro – Compact Key Holder

Why we like it: LED Light & Tile Smart Technology, Track your Lost Keys & Phone w Bluetooth
Why we recommend it:
Includes a built-in LED light, bottle opener, and a loop piece to attach your car key fob. And it fits up to 10 keys!

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16. Hairui Pre-lit Tabletop Birch Tree with Timer 

Why we like it: They can be lighted for 6 hours and then off automatically, power back on 18 hours later. ENERGY SAVING
Why we recommend it: Pliable but sturdy branches make it easy to shape the tree as you like.

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17. Cast Iron Saga Teapot

Why we like it: Teapots are hand-crafted using specially purified Iron and lined with durable Porcelain Enamel.
Why we recommend it: Beautiful right out of the box. 

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18. Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit 

Promising review: These light up my nights home alone and have superb audio detection that captures each and every gentle sob and turns it into a dancing array of lights and fully customizable colors. – Chras
Why we like it: Smarter Kit transforms your favorite songs into dancing symphonies of color and light. Create the perfect ambience in any space.
Why we recommend it: Includes everything to get started: one Rhythm Module, nine Light Panels, nine linkers, nine mounting stencils and 28 mounting strips. 

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19. Braun Watch

Promising review: Love it. Feels solid but is lightweight. Offen sleeps in it and have no problems. The strap is of high quality too. Been very accurate so far.

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20. USB Charging Station 

Why we like it: 6 ports pump out 60 watts of power, enabling simultaneous multi-device charging. Works flawlessly with a wide range of phones, tablets, and more.
Why we recommend it: Anker’s proprietary suite of safety features provides superior protection for you and your devices.

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21. INTJ Personality Type – Architect T-Shirt

Why we like it: Perfect gift for people who know and love their own Architect personalities Imaginative and strategic thinkers, with a plan for everything

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22. Hypnocube 4 Cube, Animated Light Sculpture

Promising review: This isn’t even close to the best of it. It’s just what I happen to have recorded. But put on some music and plug this. You can’t stop watching it. Or maybe you can … but my house full of ADHD cannot. Thinking of buying a second. – Emily

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23. Infinity Cube Fidget

Why we like it: Cool Mini Gadget Best for Stress and Anxiety Relief and Kill Time, Unique Idea that is Light on the Fingers and Hands.

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24. GODIVA Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Canister

Why we like it: Hot cocoa made with Godiva chocolate and the highest quality all-natural ingredients.
Why we recommend it: Smooth, creamy, and rich hot chocolate; a superior hot cocoa mix you’d expect from the legendary Godiva.

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25. The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World

Why we like it: a revised and updated edition of the world’s most prestigious and authoritative world atlas
Why we recommend it: The Times Atlas has been regarded as the most authoritative atlas for over 120 years and remains a benchmark of cartographic excellence. 

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Gifts for INTJ Woman

Gifts INTJ woman Love to have

Looking for the perfect personalized gift for INTJ woman in your life? Picking gifts for INTJ women isn’t easy. With all the options out there, it is tough to pick the right gift ideas for her that are amazingly awesome, functional, and something she can’t help but love it. But we are here for help scroll and pick the best.

Gifts for INTJ woman
Gifts for INTJ woman

26. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Why we like it: App-Controlled Heated Coffee Mug
Why we recommend it: Keeps your hot drink at the exact temperature you prefer 

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27. Digital Instant Print Camera

Why we like it: just point and shoot making it the ideal all-in-one solution for capturing and sharing vibrant prints instantaneously wherever you are
Why we recommend it: Fast Setup. Instant Prints.

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28. Mirrored Cabinet Jewelry Armoire

Promising review: I’m a small young woman and was able to unpack this and put it together in about 15 minutes (getting the mirror on to the frame was a bit difficult but I found a box to prop it up on and got it on).
The mirror is perfect. I have no issues with it being fun-house like or skewed in any way. – Cait

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29. OBSESSIVE CHEF Bamboo Cutting Board

Why we like it:  It’s time to let your inner obsessive loose in the kitchen, with this precision cutting board.
Why we recommend it: a perfect gift for all home chefs and your most particular friends. The cutting board is packed in a colorful box perfect and ready for gifting!

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30. Raven Stovetop 1L Tea Kettle

Why we like it: Kettle marries a handsome design with flawless functionality.

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31. Chevron Quilted 15-Inch Laptop Travel Backpack

Why we like it: Sleek and sophisticated, this chevron-quilted laptop backpack from Kenneth Cole Reaction is perfect for professionals on the go.
Why we recommend it: The perfect laptop backpack to keep your business essentials fashionably organized while on the go.

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32. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Why we like it: Giant 5′ Memory Foam Furniture Bean Bag – Big Sofa with Soft Micro Fiber Cover
Why we recommend it: Collapse into a seat that loves you back and forms to fit your body; with space for two, you can cuddle close, share with a friend, or spread out to really relax

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33. Jigsaw Puzzle, Multicolor

Promising review: I like puzzles that have lots of colors and lots of little unique characters. This one didn’t take long to put together at all. It was nice for two people, and since I love Game of Thrones, that was the best part. – Lindsey
Why we like it: Game of Thrones – Fire & Ice – 500 Piece

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34. Decorative Clear Glass Apothecary Cloche Bell Jars

Why we like it: Use as elegant decorations for around the house or as a thoughtful and sweet housewarming or wedding gift set for beloved family or friends.

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35. GIANTmicrobes Themed Box

Promising review: I am a total biology nerd, and I found some of these at a local store-they were expensive. I was glad I looked on Amazon, because I saved some money. Besides the price, I think they great. – tribald
Why we like it: These Sick Day microbes might cheer you up or inspire you the next time you don’t feel like leaving the house.

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36. Blockbuster Gift Set

Promising review: Amazing gift for your loved ones. Pretty reasonable as compared to the prices in big brand chains. – J S

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37. Bedroom Nightstand Lamp

Why we like it: 4 levels of lighting can be adjusted, flicker-free, eye-safe, suitable for bedroom or living room, working place, etc.
Why we recommend it: SUNY nightstand lamp can be used as a reading lamp with warm white light, which can protect your eyes at night.

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38. Skeleton Hand Ring & Dresser Organizer Holder

Why we recommend it: A great gift for any occasion, whether it be for Christmas, a birthday or a wedding. If your loved one has a penchant for anatomy, this is the perfect storage solution and present for them

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39. SHERLOCK Book Lovers’ Candle

Why we like it: Whether you’re curling up with a book or pondering life’s greatest mysteries, you’ll do your best sleuthing while immersed in the ruminating, rich scents of 221B Baker Street.
Why we recommend it: Enjoy the sweet scent of pipe tobacco while dreaming of soft violin music on a rainy London day and you’ll practically start to feel like the old detective himself.

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40. Boat and Beach Tote Bag

This bag is cool. This bag is worth the money because it will carry a lot of stuff. And it cleans up easily.
Why we like it: The waterproof, puncture-proof, Camino Carryall is designed for whatever the day throws your way.
Why we recommend it: Perfect tote bag for the boat, lake, pool, beach, camping or road trips.

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41. Hario Canister Ceramic Coffee Mill

Promising review: This is more then I could hope for. It’s very good quality, heavy. Very well designed and so much fun to work with.
I can say that I made my first cup of coffee today, and it was the best one I ever had. Real metal and wood. Disassembles easily for clean up purposes. – Cody

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42. Compact Travel Cable Organizer

Why we like it: Portable Electronics Accessories Bag for Various USB, Earphone, Cables, Power Bank, Grey.
Why we recommend it: Perfect travel companion for your electronics accessories when going on holiday, business trip, travel, office, school.
Best gift for your family and friends.

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43. Doctor Who Adipose

Why we like it: Travel through time and space with this Dr. Who- Adipose POP vinyl figure! Based on the incredibly popular television series, this POP embodies that distinctive look and feel of the longest-running sci-fi TV series in the world.

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44. Hairui Lighted Pastel Pink Tree with Multicolor Eggs

Promising review: Love this little tree! Loved it so much I ordered a second one! It’s the perfect height, the base is decent and the branches bend any which way you want. When you turn it on, it’s just charming!  – Linda Vossler
Why we like it: Lightweight and cute, perfect for Easter and everyday home, office, Children’s Day decor

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45. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones 

Promising review: I love everything about my headphones. It lives up to its expectations and cool to connect with your iOS device. – Maya Ferguson

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46. INTJ The Mastermind Personality Type Shirt 

Why we like it: This INTJ Shirt shows how proud INTJs can be of themselves that they make only 2 percent of the population! Big bald font makes an outstanding design tee. If you are an introvert and feel lucky about it then this tshirt is a must!

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47. Sterling Silver Hop Flower Earrings

Promising review: Perfect gift for your favorite beer-loving lady! These are high quality and beautiful! – Jane

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48. Love Letters of Great Men

Why we like it: This beautiful hard-cover book contains those letters, as well as some of the most passionate and romantic poems and love letters, were ever written.

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49. Michael Kors – Pyper Watch

Promising review: My wife is fully satisfied with it, great quality and beautiful watch, worth the price. – Pascal Khoodoo

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50. Original Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set

Why we like it: 100% Natural Rose Quartz – Face Massager, Facial Roller for Skin, Eyes, Neck – Authentic, Durable, Noiseless Design.
Why we recommend it: This pink gemstone roller is naturally cooling already, but you can safely pop it in the fridge or freezer for an ultra-cooling blast like ice face rollers. 

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INTJ Hobbies and Interests

Popular hobbies for the INTJ include reading, cultural events, taking classes, appreciating art, computers and video games, and independent sports such as swimming, backpacking, or running marathons.

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